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"Dr. Hemal Bhagat has been known to us since year 2005. We find Dr. Hemal Bhagat a professional in his field. Besides that he is very kind, caring, sympathetic and a humorous person.

He is excellent in his work and we strongly recommend Dr. Bhagat to anyone who seeks medical attention and would like to recover soon"

Jaishri and Dalip Benawra

International Patients

Laparoscopic exploration surgery in India is affordable with low cost treatment and budget savings. This is exactly what medical tourism brings for you, with India being the hub for commercial affairs, cultural centres and a thriving arts scene, is also home to the best doctors and hospitals.

Laparoscopic surgery has often been used for diagnostic purposes to view the abdomen, in case of abdominal illness or trauma. Laparoscopy is a term given to a group of operations that are performed with the aid of a camera placed in the abdomen.

The laparoscope allows surgeons to perform minimally invasive surgery with just a small incision in the abdomen. The technology, known as laparoscopic assisted surgery, enables the minimal operation to be conducted in an efficient manner.

Facilities meet world class expectations for laparoscopic surgery in India. Those travelling from abroad will not even have to change currency as the dollar is used throughout India.

We have developed a program for speedy treatments so that nationals can have their accounts set up initially so as to save precious time instead of waiting for extended periods to undergo operations.

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